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Hi Lo Welding Gauge

Category: Gauges, Welding Inspection

Caltech India offers HI-LO Welding Gauge, from the G.A.L Gage Company. It is an essential tool for pipe and weld inspection. It can perform the following functions such as internal misalignment, pipe wall thickness, leg length for a fillet weld, fit-up gap, gauge bevel on end preparations, fillet weld size, crown height of butt welds.

There are two go no-go features of this gauge which are used to verify that the beveled angle is the required 37-1/2 degrees and that the required gap after fit- up is no larger than 3/32nd. Scribe lines on the feet can be used to calculate the required 1/16th gap after fit-up for socket welds; if one of our patented GAP-A-LETS is not used. For added versatility, this gauge comes in standard (inches) and metric (millimeters).

  • Hi Lo Welding Gauge MEASURES INTERNAL ALIGNMENT of pipe after fit-up / alignment, cuts radiographic rejects.
  • Hi Lo Welding Gauge measures internal misalignment of pipe before and after tacking.
  • Hi Lo Gauge Measurements read in standard one side, and metric on the opposite side.


  • Changes from standard to metric, simply remove gauge body, turn scales over and replace body
  • Measure internal misalignment before welding
  • Measure fit-up gap of welding
  • Measure bevel on end preparation
  • Measure the crown height of welds
  • Measure fillet weld size
  • Measure scribe line, socket welds

Satisfy fit-up codes AWS, ASME, ANSI, API & MILITARY
High Quality, Durable, Accurate Welding Inspection Gauges made easy by GAL GAGE Co. USA

We are leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter, trader of HI-LO Welding Gauge for buying in India and Worldwide. To know more about the Hi-Lo Welding Gauge price for purchase, resell, contact us.

Ordering Information:

GAL-1 Hi Lo Gauge

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