Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking Test SSC Proof Ring

sulfide stress corrosion cracking test, SSCC proof ring

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Caltech India manufacture and supply proof ring to test and accurately determine the resistance to sulfide stress corrosion cracking (SSC) and stress corrosion cracking of metals in H2S environment or service. Proof rings and associated accessories are manufactured to meet requirements of NACE TM0177 and material standard requirements as per MR 0175.

Leading laboratories with best H2S testing capabilities uses Caltech Engineering Services India supplied instruments. Complete range of corrosion testing instruments assists to prevent corrosion and control corrosion in oil & gas, sour gas production, offshore, gas treating plants, and petroleum refineries.

SSC test is very common test for metal plates, pipe, weld material, CNG cylinder manufacturer & also used in hydrocarbon sector for material evaluation especially for onshore and offshore oil & gas sector material.

Sulfide Stress Cracking is the cracking of a metal under the combined action of tensile stress and corrosion in the presence of water and hydrogen sulfide gas. Sulfide stress cracking is a form of hydrogen embrittlement that occurs in high-strength steels and in localized hard zones in weldment of susceptible materials when the environment contains wet H2S

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers, USA) specify Stress Corrosion Cracking Test (SSCC) as per NACE TM0177 and recommend following test methods:

Method A: Tensile Test (Proof Rings) with Solution A (acidified), Solution B (acidified and buffered) and Solution C
Method B: Bent Beam Test (3 / 4 Point Bent)
Method C: Standard C Ring Tests
Method D: Standard Double Cantilever Beam (DBC) Test

NACE TM-0177 specifies use of solution A as per methods unless the properties of solution B or C are specified. Very commonly testing is performed in test solutions A or B, saturated with H2S at 24º. Material used as line pipes (API 5L) and welded are generally tested as per Method B in test solutions A or B.

Material like duplex steel, super duplex steel, incoloy is generally tested at 90º celsius and H2S pressure of 16 bar or partial pressure of H2S and CO2 in addition to method A at 24º (ambient temperature).

SSC Proof rings are suitable for full size and sub size specimens as per NACE Standard. Each Proof Ring is provided with ready conversion chart that can accurately verify specimen load. It also provides sustained specimen load under a stress of uniaxial tension. Proof Rings are supplied with the supplied dial indicator providing a check for deflection. Proof rings are fabricated from precision- machined steel and suitable to test full size specimens and even sub-size specimen. Tensile load on the Proof ring can be achieved quickly and easily adjusted using a workshop wrench on the tension-adjusting screw and lock nut. A thrust bearing distributes the load and prevents seizure. Proof Rings are provided with quick changeover accessories to effectively meet your needs.

Test Vessel with standard environment chamber is machined from clear, durable acrylic to permit instant visual observation of the specimen at all times. Glass with acrylic vessels is also available at option of user. O-ring seals are provided to prevent any leakages from test vessel. Individual test vessels are tested with hydro test before dispatch.

Caltech Engineering Services, Mumbai India has supplied facilities many facilities worldwide for four-point bend test (4 point bend SSCC Test) as per NACE/ ASTM standard and HIC Test (Hydrogen Induced Cracking) as per NACE TM 0284

Caltech Engineering Services, Mumbai India also provides instruments to customer built requirements for research & development (R&D) and special applications. Autoclaves for high temperature and high-pressure tests for conducting stress-corrosion cracking at elevated temperature (SCC) are also available at request of customer.

We have more than 25 years experience with specific industry and have depth practical expertise to cover a variety of corrosion problems that are encountered in industries such as oil and gas production, oil and gas transmission, energy conversion systems, and nuclear power systems.

We also manufacture 4 point bend SSC test,  HIC Test ApparatusSOHIC Ring Test ApparatusBent Beam Test

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