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DC Corrosion Coupon

Synonym : DC Corrosion Coupon, Polarization Coupon, Cathodic Protection Coupon

Category: Corrosion Coupon, Corrosion Testing

Caltech Engineering Services offers DC Corrosion Coupon suitable for pipelines. These DC Corrosion Coupons are ideal for DC corrosion monitoring (monitoring induced DC current on a pipeline). DC corrosion Coupon allow remote monitoring devices to better manage the corrosion threats posed by current interference sources as long as the field interferences are significantly reduced. The purpose of the coupons is to show the level of protection or corrosion behavior of the coating defects in the pipelines.

Polarization coupons are also used to simulate an uncovered part of a buried pipe or structure to measure potential without IR drop. This also requires installation of coupons where they can receive that same exposure to cathodic protection current as does the structure. Installation of a permanent reference electrode in adjacent of coupon will maintain real polarization potential of the defined test surface to be monitor between reference electrode and coupon test lead which the result will be used on further assessment of the effectiveness of Cathodic Protection system.

Recent pipelines buried in the close proximity to high voltage overhead power lines have the potential to pick-up DC current, causing both a public safety risk due to electric shock, and a corrosion risk due to DC corrosion. We have developed a class-leading DC Coupon, which allows pipeline operators to monitor induced DC current density and install mitigation measures in areas where the risk is highest. DC Corrosion Coupons are suitable for use with both new build and existing structures. DC corrosion coupon provide the ability to measure an error-free ‘instant-OFF’ pipe to soil potential, to prove the level of cathodic polarization achieved on the pipeline. The coupon consists of a steel plate with an exposed area of 10cm x 10cm square housing with twin cable. The connection between the coupon and the cable is potted to stop the ingress of moisture.


  • Model: DCCP
  • Carbon Steel
  • 10 X 10 cm of exposed metal
  • Twin cables with # 4mm2 and 6mm2 stranded copper wire – 10 Mtrs


  • Reduces owner/operator risk by allowing regular monitoring and preemptive action, to mitigate
    potentially hazardous DC current.
  • Validates the effectiveness of existing mitigation measures and provides regulators with historical and
    current operating data.
  • Cost-effective, easy hydro-vac or hand excavation installation in native backfill.
  • Compatible with remote monitoring and data recording hardware.
  • Suitable for installation with most new and existing test stations.

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