Main Technical Parameters:

  • Interior of oven is made of special stainless steel by argon-arc-welding technology, and the exterior of oven is made of high-quality steel sheet with a beautiful and novel appearance.
  • Microprocessor PID temperature controller with temperature control protection, digits display and timing function ensures a precise and reliable temperature control.(intelligent programmable LCD temperature controller is an option)
  • Hot-air circulating system consists of a fan keeping running under a high temperature and proper air ducts to ensure a uniform distribution a high temperature in chamber
  • Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen.(Option)
  • Recorder and printer are options which can print or record set parameters and trace variation curves of temperature.(Option)
  • Temperature Stability: ±1℃
  • Temperature Control: 0.1℃
  • Timing Range: 1~9999min

Ordering Information:

Technical Item→ElectricalTemperaturePowerCubageInterior DimensionOverall DimensionShelves per Chamber/Norma
Ordering Information ↓SupplyRange(mm)W×D×H(mm)W×D×H
BGD 802220V 50HZRT+10-250℃850W30L340×320×320620×530×4902 pcs
BGD 804220V 50HZRT+10-300℃850W30L340×320×320620×530×4902 pcs
BGD 806220V 50HZRT+10-300℃1100W50L420×395×350720×590×5202 pcs
BGD 808220V 50HZRT+10-250℃1550W80L450×400×450740×618×6302 pcs
BGD 810220V 50HZRT+10-300℃1550W80L450×400×450740×618×6302 pcs
BGD 812220V 50HZRT+10-250℃2050W136L550×450×550840×670×7302 pcs
BGD 814220V 50HZRT+10-300℃2050W136L550×450×550840×670×7302 pcs
BGD 816220V 50HZRT+10-250℃2450W220L600×500×750880×720×9302 pcs
BGD 818220V 50HZRT+10-300℃2450W220L600×500×750880×720×9302 pcs
BGD 820380V 50HZRT+10-250℃3100W420L640×585×1355780×750×18802 pcs
BGD 822380V 50HZRT+10-300℃3100W420L640×585×1355780×750×18802 pcs
BGD 824380V 50HZRT+10-250℃4000W620L840×600×1355980×800×18803 pcs
BGD 826380V 50HZRT+10-300℃4000W620L840×600×1355980×800×18803 pcs
BGD 827/1220V 50HZRT+10-400℃2500W50L350×350×400540×660×6152 pcs
BGD 827/2220V 50HZRT+10-500℃2500W50L350×350×400540×660×6152 pcs
BGD 828/1220V 50HZRT+10-400℃3000W100L450×450×450620×745×6452 pcs
BGD 828/2220V 50HZRT+10-500℃3000W100L450×450×450620×745×6452 pcs
BGD 829/1220V 50HZRT+10-400℃3500W220L600×600×600650×750×7502 pcs
BGD 829/2220V 50HZRT+10-500℃3500W220L600×600×600650×750×7502 pcs

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