One Sided Film Applicator

Synonym : 1 Sided Film Applicator, Single Side Film Applicator, One Sided Applicator

Category: Applicators Tool, Bar Coaters & Film Applicators Tools, Coating Inspection

Caltech India offers Single Side Film Applicator.

The Bar-Type One Sided Film Applicator is made using modern technology of metallurgy with a precision grinding machine. The accuracy of the Gap Depth is ±1.0µm(50µm and below)and or 2% of Full Scale. It is designed with ASTM D823-25 and ASTM D3022.

It is made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel 440C.

One Sided Applicator

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Effective Wet Film Width: 100mm
  • The total length: 128mm

Ordering Information:

  • BGD 201/1: 25µm
  • BGD 201/2: 37.5µm
  • BGD 201/3: 50µm
  • BGD 201/4: 75µm
  • BGD 201/5: 100µm
  • BGD 201/6: 125µm
  • BGD 201/7: 150µm
  • BGD 201/8: 200µm
  • BGD 201/9: 250µm
  • BGD 201/10: 300µm
  • BGD 201/11: 350µm
  • BGD 201/12: 400µm
  • BGD 201/14: 500µm
  • BGD 201/15: 600µm

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