Cross Hatch Cutter

Synonym : Cross Hatch Cutter, Cross Hatch Gauge, Cross Hatch, Cross Hatch Handle, Paint Adhesion Testing, Coating Adhesion, Cross Cut Tester, Cross Cut Test Method, Cross Hatch Tape Test, Cross Cut, Adhesion Test

Category: Adhesion Tester, Coating Inspection, Cross Hatch Adhesion Testers

Caltech India offers Cross Hatch Cutter. This type cutter is designed to used on uneven substrate surface. Its head is lossen to be suitable to different usage. More convenient and easy to use.

Cross Hatch Cutter for adhesion tests provides an instant assessment of the quality of the bond to the substrate. Due to its rugged construction this cross hatch gauge is ideal for thin, thick or tough coatings on all surfaces. An ideal field or laboratory test. Multiple coatings can be tested for the assessment of the resistance to separation of individual layers of the coating from each other.

The hardened tool steel cutting blades are precision-ground with 6 cutting sides so that when one cutting side becomes blunt there are a further 5 cutting sides to use.

Caltech as one of the major cross hatch cutter suppliers offers more convenient and easy-to-use with different variations of it. The Adhesion Test Tape has an excellent adhesive strength per 25mm width and is transparent to ensure the correct adhesion to the coating.

Caltech India also offers Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester / Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit / Cross-Cut Kit / Cross Hatch Paint Adhesion Test Kit (P.A.T.). We offer cross hatch cutter at best price. To know more about cross hatch cutter price for purchase or reselling, contact us.

Ordering Information:

  • BGD 504/2 Rake-type Cross Cutter, 11 blades, spacing 1mm (coating thickness 0-60µm)
  • BGD 504/3 Rake-type Cross Cutter, 6 blades, spacing 1mm (coating thickness 0-60µm)
  • BGD 504/4 Rake-type Cross Cutter, 11 blades, spacing 2mm (coating thickness 60-120µm)
  • BGD 504/5 Rake-type Cross Cutter, 6 blades, spacing 2mm (coating thickness 60-120µm)
  • BGD 504/6 Rake-type Cross Cutter, 6 blades, spacing 3mm (coating thickness 120-250µm)

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