Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester

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Category: Adhesion Tester, Coating Inspection, Cross Hatch Adhesion Testers

Caltech India offers Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester. This instrument is widely used to evaluate the adhesion of various coatings. A high precise machined wheel presenting 6 or 11 cutting blades with various spacing is mounted in a handle. The test is carried out by performing 2 series of crossed cuts at right angle. The obtained lattices is either brushed or cleared with adhesion tape. According to the coatings thickness and the related spacing, the results can be classified with reference to a standard scale. It has long life tool with 6 cutting edges and comfortable wood handle.

When applied to multi-coat system, assessment of the resistance to separation of individual layers of the coating from each other may be made.

The Cross Hatch Cutters conform with the requirements as below standards.

Standards: BS 3900 E6 ; BS/EN ISO 2409 ; ASTM D3359

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Six working side blades: When the blade edge is not sharp enough, users can loosen the boat type nut and top thrust screw to rotate it to achieve a new blade.
  • Multi-cutting blades spacing: 1mm/2mm/3mm
  • The number of square: 25squares/100squares

Packing List –

  • Carrying case
  • Cross Hatch Cutter & Handle
  • 1 roll of 3M Scotch Transparent Tape
  • Brush
  • Magnifier
  • Certificate of Conformity (if requested)

Ordering Information:

Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester

Ordering InformationNo. Of TeethNo. Of Cutting EdgesCutter Spacing
BGD 502/21161mm
BGD 502/3661mm
BGD 502/41162mm
BGD 502/5662mm
BGD 502/6663mm
BGD 504/21111mm
BGD 504/3611mm
BGD 504/41112mm
BGD 504/5612mm
BGD 504/6613mm

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