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Permanent Reference Cells – Fontana 102 Cu/CuSO4

Permanent Reference Cell – Cu Cuso4 CP Reference Electrode Fontana-102

Category: Cathodic Protection, Reference Electrodes

Caltech India offer new permanent cu/cuso4 reference electrode to measure electrical potentials for corrosion engineers. Fontana-102 permanent cu/cuso4 reference electrode which is also known as permanent burial copper – copper sulfate reference cells. It is made from highest absorbing surface made from ceramic recommended for measurement of electric potentials of buried underground pipelines, underground metallic structures and storage tanks. Already proven permanent burial copper- copper sulfate reference cell with long proven track record over 15 years. To know more about permanent cu/cuso4 reference electrode price, contact us.

Permanent Burial Reference Cell (Copper/Copper Sulfate Permanent Reference Electrode)


Fontana-102 permanent burial copper- copper sulfate reference cells has rugged body of ultraviolet and chemically resistant inert ceramic tubing. Fontana-102 permanent reference cells has continuous moisture retaining capability. Specially made tubes with preheated uniform, controlled ceramic porosity. Especially gel backfill surrounding with copper spiral reduces electrical resistance and no requirement of moistening. Fontana-102 Copper/Copper Sulfate Permanent Reference Electrode has excellent shelf life and highest sensing area allows measurements with stability.

Long Life
Designed long life reference cell of 25 years. Does not dry out in arid soils.

Each Fontana-102 permanent burial copper- copper sulfate reference cells is sutaible as direct burial underground reference cell without chlorides (<500ppm). Fontana-102 CP Reference Electrode is supplied with 30 feet (10 mts) 4mm Sq.insulated copper wire.

38mm OD x 150mm long (1.5” x 6” long)
21 Oz (600gms)

High stability < ± 5mv

Temp of minus 10 to 60º C operating temperature

Fontana-102 permanent burial copper- copper sulfate reference cell is tested and provided with test certificate.

Typical Applications
Cathodic Protection experts can now measure the electrical potentials on all types of buried structures easily using Fontana reference cell. It is not recommended areas with high chloride concentrations.

Fontana-102 permanent reference cell Material Safety Data Sheet also available on request.

CP Reference cells are shipped quickly based on quantity ordered

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