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Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter DT-8250

Category: Cathodic Protection, Clamp Meter

Caltech India offers Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter DT- 8250 is completely portable, 3-3/4 digital meter with AC/DC Voltage, Resistance and Frequency test functions. It is used in the laboratory, field servicing, at home and circumstance where high current measurement is required.


Display3-3/4 Digits (4000 counts) LCD
Jaw opening57mm (Cable F 55mm/Bus bar: 70x7mm)
Auto-rangeV, A, W, Hz functions/manual range (Except for Hz function)
Data HoldExcept for Hz function
Display updates3 times/sec
BatteryLow battery voltage indication Auto power-off (30 minutes)
Continuity checkBuzzer sound at less than about 30W.
Power requirementSingle standard 9V battery (IEC6LF22, NEDA 1604 or JIS006P)
Power consumption6mA
Operating environment0ºC~40ºC, 70%RH max
Storage environmentStorage environment
Dimensions240mm x 100mm x 50mm
WeightApprox 610g. including battery
AccessoriesOne pair test leads, 9V battery, manual

Electrical Specifications:

AC Current400A0.1A50-60Hz± (2%rdg+5dgts)2200A
2000A1A50-60Hz± (2.5%rdg+5dgts)(1 Min)
DC Current400A0.1A± (2%rdg+5dgts)2200A
2000A1A± (2.5%rdg+5dgts)(1 Min)
AC Voltage4V0.001V50-60Hz± (1.5%rdg+5dgts)800VAC
Input Impedance 10MΩ400V0.1V40-400Hz± (2.5%rdg+5dgts)
DC Voltage4V0.001V± (1%rdg+3dgts)1200VDC
Input Impedance 10MΩ40V0.01V
Resistance400.0Ω0.1Ω± (1%rdg+3dgts)500VAC
40.00Ω0.01KΩ± (1%rdg+3dgts)
400.00Ω0.1KΩ± (1%rdg+3dgts)
4.000MΩ1KΩ± (1.2%rdg+3dgts)
40.00MΩ10KΩ± (1.5%rdg+3dgts)
Frequency99.99Hz0.01Hz± (1%rdg+3dgts) Sensitivity: 5V rms500VAC
999.9Hz0.1HzMax: <10Vrm
DiodeTest current: 0.6mA(appr.) Open vltage: 1.5V (typ) Resolution: 0.001V500VAC

Safety Precaution

This complies with pollution 2, CAT-III 600V of the IEC-1010-1 (EN61010-1) and UL3111-1 standards.

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