International Standards

Caltech Instruments Pvt Ltd, all products are designed to comply with National and International Standards. We have a team of experts working with Standards bodies around the world, ensuring we have products fit for purpose, exceeding the demands of our customers.

Below is a list of National and International Standards which are relevant to the products supplied by Caltech India. Additional information on these standards can be obtained by visiting the appropriate authority.

A range of National and International Standards are listed below, please click on the relevant standard to go directly to the list.

ISO StandardsASTM StandardsOther StandardsProduct CategoryInstrumentsModel No
ISO 1518ASTM D5178, D2197BS 3900;E2Scratch TestersAutomatic Scratch TesterBGD 520
ISO 1519ASTM D522DIN 53152Mandrel Bend TestingCylindrical Mandrel Bend TesterBGD 563
ISO 1520DIN 53166, DIN 53232, BS3900Cupping TestingCupping TesterBGD 309
ISO 1522ASTM D4366BS 3900 E5, DIN 53157Hardness TestersPendulum Hardness TesterBGD 509
ISO 1524ASTM D333, ASTM D1210, ASTM D1316BS 3900-C6, BS 3900-E9Fineness DensityFineness of Grind GaugesBGD 241, CES L1000, L1001, L1002
ISO 2115ASTM D2354Drying TimeMinimum Film Forming Temperature TesterBGD 451
ISO 2409ASTM D3359, ASTM D3002BS 2409, DIN 2409, EN 2409, BS 3900 E6Cross Hatch Adhesion TestersCross Hatch Adhesion TesterBGD 502
ISO 2431ASTM D5125DIN 53224, EN 535Viscosity CupsISO Flow cupsISO-3, ISO-4, ISO-5, ISO-6, ISO-8
ISO 2555, ISO 2884 2ASTM D2196Rotary Viscometer
ISO 2592Open Cup Flash Point Tester
ISO 2719, ISO 3679ASTM D 93Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
ISO 2808ASTM D1212, ASTM D4414Wet Film & Powder ThicknessWet Film Comb Thickness Gauges, Rolling Wheel Thickness GaugesCES G1, CES G6, W2005, CES W1
ISO 2808, ISO 2360, ISO 2178ASTM B 499, ASTM D 1186, ASTM D 1400, ASTM D 7091DIN 50981 DIN 50984Dry Film Thickness Gauge
ISO 2811DIN 53217, BS 3900-A19Viscosity CupsSpecific Gravity CupsBGD 296/1
ISO 2813, ISO 7668ASTM D 523DIN 67530, DIN 2813, EN 2813, EN 7668Glossmeter
ISO 2815DIN 53153, EN 2815, BS 2815Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester
ISO 3248Precise Oven
ISO 3668ASTM D 1729Color Assesment Cabinet
ISO 3906, ISO 6504, ISO 2814ASTM D 2805, ASTM E 97DIN 55984, BS 3900-D6/D7Reflectance Meter/Opacity Meter
ISO 4624, ISO 16276-1ASTM D4541, ASTM D7234Pull-Off Adhesion TestingPull Off Adhesion TesterBGD 500, BGD 500/S
ISO 4630-1Gardner Color Comparator with C Illuminant
ISO 6272.1, ISO 6272.2ASTM D2794, ASTM D3029Impact TestingImpact TesterBGD 305, BGD 306
ISO 6819, ISO 6860ASTM D 522, ASTM D 1737BS 3900-EI 1, DIN 53150, DIN 66669Conical Mandrel Bend Tester
ISO 7253, ISO 4623-1ASTM B 117Salt Fog Cabinets
ISO 7619ASTM D 2240DIN 53505Shore Hardness Meter
ISO 7724ASTM D 2244, ASTM E 308, ASTM E 1164DIN 5033, DIN 5036, DIN 6174Spectrophotometer
ISO 7784-2Rotational Abrasion Tester
ISO 11341, ISO 4892.2ASTM D 6695, ASTM G 155, ASTM D 3451Xenon Chamber Tester
ISO 11507UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester
ISO 11998DIN 13300, BS 3900-FI 7BGD 526/2 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
ISO 13803ASTM E 430Haze Glossmeter
ISO 15184ASTM D 3363BS 3900-E19Pencil Hardness Tester
ISO 17132ASTM D 4145EN 13523-7T-bend Tester
ASTM C 346, ASTM C 584, ASTM D 2457Special Glossmeter
ASTM D 1200, ASTM D 333, ASTM D 365BGD 125 Ford cups
ASTM D 2486BGD 526/1 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
ASTM D 2794JlS-K5400Dupont Impact Tester
ASTM D 2801BGD 226/1 Leveling Tester
ASTM D 333, ASTM D 968, ASTM D 1395, ASTM D 2205BGD 529 Falling Sand Abrasion Testers
ASTM D 3450BGD 526/3 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
ASTM D 3730, ASTM D 4400Sagging Tester
ASTM D 4138Paint Inspection Gauge
ASTM D 4212, ASTM D 816, ASTM D 1084BGD 126 Zahn cups
ASTM D 4213BGD 526/4 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
ASTM D 4828BGD 526/5 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
ASTM D 5264Rub Resistance Tester
ASTM D 562BS3900-A7-1Krebs Stormer Viscomter
ASTM D 5895/ALine Drying Time Recorder
ASTM D 823Automatic Film Applicator
ASTM D 823, ASTM D 3258Applicator
ASTM F 2357-04RCA Paper Abrasion Wear Testers
BS 3962-6Cross Cutting Rule
ASTM D4752Solvent Rub Resistance TesterBGD 521
NYPCBGD 226/2 Leveling Tester
DIN 53211DIN Flow cupsBGD 127
ISO 11998ASTM D2486, ASTM D3450, ASTM D4213, ASTM D4828DIN 53778Wet Abrasion Scrub TesterBGD 526
DIN 55667Conductivity Meters