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Hegman Gauge / Fineness of Grind Gauge

One of the important parameter in paint evaluation is Fineness of Grind Gauge (Hegman Gauge) is a precision gauge manufactured from hardened stainless steel and has two ground channels giving scales of both Microns and Hegman.

Supplied complete with scraper blade. Three models are available 0 to 25 micron, 0 to 50 micron, 0 to 100 micron.

This gauge is used for the checking of particle size in paint or inks and also a wide range of ancillary products i.e. Dyes, Talcum, Flour, and Chemicals etc.

In operation the paint / ink samples are placed into the top end of the gauge and then drawn down using the scraper blade.

The measurement of either Microns or Hegman can be made where the coarse particles have been screened out

Associated standards are: ISO 1524, BS3900: C6, DIN 53-203, ASTM D1210, ASTM D1316, ASTM D333.

Part Number
L1000 - 0 to 25 micron scale
L1001 - 0 to 50 micron scale
L1002 - 0 to 100 micron scale
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