Paint Thickness Tester

Caltech Engineering Services India offers latest Elemtron MG-105 digital pocket paint thickness gauge.

Paint Thickness Gauge can be operated by unskilled workers with single keypad operation and automatic switch off when no reading is being taken.

Paint thickness tester for all types of application to measure thickness of paint, epoxy, powder coating, foil film, thin panel sheets, paper, automotive, car painting booths and repair shop etc. It works on non destructive principle. Highly sutaible for automotive and car manufacturers.

The digital paint thickness tester measures thickness on steel including body panels, engine components, and wheels has measuring range measures range up to 1500 µ and accuracy of up to ±2µm / 2%.

Paint Thickness gauge is a pocket size tester, which also enables checking the condition of motor car body paint and determining thickness of the painted surface. Enables to check weather the car was painted for the second time or the body was repaired. Makes possible finding places where filler was laid and how thick it was done. Help to reduce expensive paint materials and improve finish consistency and quality. Highly useful tester for insurance survey, automobile & ancillary manufactures.

There are also mechanical gauges, spring operated gauges are working on the magnetic permeability and based on residual magnetism in steel have lower accuracy of up to 10%. In view of above, Elmetron MG 105 digital pocket sized paint thickness meter is now best option in the industry compared to analog instruments.

Paint Thickness Meter is sutaible for paint manufacturer, painting inspector, painter, sand blasting contractors, finishing, anti- corrosion painting contractors, machine tools manufacturers, car insurance surveyors, automobile industries, can manufacturers, automobile repair, quality control departments, pipeline industry, aeronautical industry, thin film sheets packaging industry manufacturers, gas & water industries, and auto service stations.

Digital paint thickness tester instrument has measuring range upto 1000 microns with resolution of 1 micron and accuracy ±2µm / 2%, weight 150 gms., Compact size, auto shut-off and operated on batteries.

We also offer instruments for most of the applications covering full range of thickness of powder coating / painting / finishing industries with steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, and other bases.

Selection of paint thickness gauge can be decided based on the substrate and type of coating.

We have given below choice of various models are given below for selecting the correct paint thickness gauge

Paint Thickness Testers
MG-105 Paint Thickness Tester ( Ferrous 0-1000 µm)
MG-105a Paint Thickness Tester ( Ferrous & Non Ferrous 0-1000 µm)

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