Zirconia Beads

The Zirconia Beads is the ideal grinding medium produced by introducing advanced equipments and technics, widely used in the field of painting, printing ink, paper printing, packing, dye and medicine, etc.


  • High efficiency of grinding: As the density of Zirconia beads ishigh, grinding kinetic energy is larger at same speed; efficiency of grinding is 2-3 timeshigher than that of general porcelain beads,getting better effect.
  • Impact resistance,low consumption:As the content of ZrO2 in TZP Zirconia beads is high, it hasthe advantages of high density, high toughness, low consumption, nofragmentation and no peeling, etc., as well as little pollution to grindedobject; the consumption is 4-10times lower than that of general porcelain beads.
  • Good stability: Excellent stability, resistant to acidand alkali
  • Good fluidity: Good roundness, smooth surface, no airhole, reflecting polish, easy to clean; good fluidity between beads; little abrasion to equipments;
  • Low cost: The abrasion of Zirconia beads is the lowest in all grinding medium at present. Compared with oversea products, our Zirconia Beads is lower in abrasion, favorable price, it is honored as the best bead inthe world at present. To use this product, it will greatly reduce synthesiscost for users, such as medium consumption, electrical consumption, labor force and equipments; realize dual output and improve quality in the condition of not addingany equipment. The earlier you use it, the earlier you will get benefit.
Properties ZR95 ZR80 ZR60
ZrO2 content 94.5 % 80% 50%~60%
Density ≥6.0g/cm3 ≥5.3g/cm3 ≥4.0g/cm3
Bulk 3.7g/cm3 3.3g/cm3 2.3g/cm3
Crushing strength >2KN(¢2mm) >1.8KN(¢2mm) >1.5KN(¢2mm)
Mohs’ hardness 9 9 8
Self consumption ≤0.01g/Kg.h ≤0.01 g/Kg.h ≤0.01 g/Kg.h
Specification ¢0.2-¢3.5mm ¢0.5-¢7.0mm ¢0.5-¢7.0mm
  • To select Zirconia Beads in types, sizes and quantity in accordance with adhesion, rigidity anddispersal and grinding requirement of the grinded materials.
  • To clean Zirconia beads and mills inside before the grinding processes.
  • To input the grinded materials firstlyand a certain amount of Zirconia beads later. To add continuously Zirconia Beads till 70%—85% of the mill is full.
  • To forbid to keep Zirconia beads running with little grinded material for a long time, The millis easily broken when the Zirconia beads inside at high speed operation.
  • To add fresh Zirconia Beads to ensure the quality efficiency of grinded materials
BGD 1340 ZR 60 Beads (25kg)
BGD 1341 ZR 80 Beads (25kg)
BGD 1342 ZR 95 Beads (25kg)