Upgrade Tri Glossmeter

The BGD 515 (has three 20º, 60º, 85º measurement geometries) glossmeter is a new small portable instrument. It is Suitable for measurements on surfaces ranging from matt to high gloss and is designed to measure gloss of paint, film, ink, plastics, stone, paper, tile,enamel etc

It is designed with National (DIN) and International (ISO,BS,ASTM) Standards: ISO 2813; DIN 67530; ASTM D523, D2457, C584, D1455.


  • Easy to use-only one button operation.
  • Simple to calibrate-Simple to use.
  • Saving electrical power,it only needs a battery and can works exceed sixty hours continuously(can measure ten thousand data points).
  • Special technical design about moisture protection ensures you can use it harsh environments.
  • No time to warm up and measure immediately after operated。The data is stable and no drift
  • Having long lifetime light source,no replacement needed.
  • Automatic zero adjustment.
  • Simultaneous display 20°/60°/85° value
  • Operating by only one button; with data statistics function
  • Calibrate automatically ;Quartz standard board and no abrasion forever
  • with USB interface,easy to export data
  • with My GLOSS software, can finish data statistics and report
  • More wide testing range, automatic swapping of testing range
  • Energy efficient. Over 100,00 readings with one battery.
  • Measuring rang:0-199.9GU
  • Resolution:±0.1GU
  • Accuracy:±1.2GU
  • Stability:±0.4GU/30min
  • Power Supply:1 battery AA alkaline
  • The size of facula:11×22mm
  • The size of measuring aperture:14×28mm
  • Work condition:Temperature:0℃-40℃; Relative humidity:<85%
  • Dimensions:142mm(L)×32mm(D)×64mm(H)
  • Weight: 320g
BGD 515/2 Tri-Glossmeter (upgrade)