Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge CES-107

Caltech Engineering Services offers Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Model CES-107 is suitable for a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is operated on micro controller Non-destructive principle. Instant thickness measurements are possible. LCD display for quick and best reliability.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge adopts the theory of sound wave to measure a wide range of material, such as metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, glass and other ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials. Main functions are given below:

  • Probe-Zero, Sound-Velocity-Calibration.
  • Two-Point Calibration
  • Two working modes: Single point mode and Scan mode.
  • Coupling status indicator showing the coupling status.
  • Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery.
  • Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life.
  • Optional software to process the memory data on the PC.
  • Optional thermal mini-printer to print the measured data via RS232 port.
Model CES-107
Display 4.5 digits LCD with EL backlight
Measuring Range 0.75~300mm (in Steel)
Sound Velocity Range  1000~9999 m/s
Resolution 0.10/0.01mm
Accuracy ±(0.5%Thickness+0.04)mm, depends on materials and conditions
Units Metric / English unit selectable
Communication RS232 serial port
Power Supply Two “AA” size, 1.5 volt alkaline batteries. 100 hours typical operating time (EL backlight off)
Dimension 150 x 74 x 32 mm
Net Weight 245 g
Model Frequency
Measuring Range Lower limit
(work area)
 N02  2.5  14 3.0 mm – 300.0 mm (in Steel)  20 mm For thick, highly attenuating, or highly
scattering materials
 N05  5  10 1.2 mm – 230.0 mm (in Steel)  Ø20 mm × 3.0 mm  Normal Measurement
5 10 1.2 mm 230.0 mm
(in Steel)
Ø20 mm × 3.0 mm Normal Measurement
 N07  7  6 0.75 mm – 80.0 mm (in Steel)  Ø15 mm × 2.0 mm For thin pipe wall or small curvature pipe
wall measurement
 HT5  5  14 3.0 – 200.0mm
(in Steel)
 30 mm For high temperature (lower than 300 °C) measurement