Tin Plate Ink Proofer

BGD 621 Tin Plate Ink Proofer is designed with foreign similar products. It is horizontal and suitable for materials that can not be bent, including metal substrate, tin plate, paper board and plastic board.

This advanced proofer can distribute ink automatically, and can set distributing ink time freely. The operator also can adjust speed of distributing ink and printing speed.

  • Size of stamping specimen:50×210mm(single strip)
  • Speed of average ink roller:0~900r/m
  • Time of average ink:1~50 second
  • Suitable thickness of material:0.1~0.8mm
  • Electrical source:220V/50HZ;Power:250W(saving electrical power design)
  • Dimensions of machine:420X420X310mm
  • Weight:64KG
BGD 621 Tin Plate Ink Proofer