Testex Snap Gauge

Testex Snap Gauge

Testex Snap Gauge is used for the measurement of the surface profile after blasting when taken with Testex Tape / Replica Tape / Press-O-Film.

Testex Tape or Press O Film offers a simple and very accurate method of measuring blasted profiles. It can produce virtually exact replicas of the blasted surface profile, which can be measured using a snap gauge.

Testex snap gauge is simple hand held operation. Place the Testex film or press o film firmly on the blasted surface, apply moderate pressure with the burnishing tool, the replica has now been taken and can be measured using the textex snap gage.

Press o film snap gauge is highly useful tool for measurements and used for pipeline & coating inspection. Testex snap gauge complies with ASTM, NACE and SSPC methods of measurement.

The Press-O-Film snap gauge can also be used as a micrometer for checking calibration test pieces and also thickness of flakes of paint. Testex Tape Snap Gauge has resolution 0.001mm/0.002mm (1µm/2µm)

Supplied with calibration certificate. For Replica tape and detailed specification please see visit us at www.caltechindia.com/Testex-Tape-Press-O-Film.htm

Part Number

R1004 Testex Snap Gauge