T-Bend Tester

BGD 568 T-Bend Tester is designed to evaluate the flexibility and adhesion of an organic coating on a metallic substrate by observing the cracking or loss of adhesion when a coated test panel is bent.This method can be used to confirm whether paints, varnishes or related products meet a given test requirement in a pass/fail test, or to determine the minimum bending diameter at which cracking does not occur.

It conforms with ISO 17132 《Paints and varnishes - T-bend test》.

  • Max. thickness for sample: 1.0mm (steel panel); 2.0 mm (aluminum panel)
  • Width of panel: <100mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Size: 300×300×190mm (length by width by height)
BGD 568 T-Bend Tester