Surface Temperature Indicator

Surface Temperature Indicator

Caltech Engineering Services offers portable digital surface temperature indicator. It is mainly used for measuring surface temperature on the surface of metal with high accuracy. Digital surface temperature indicator also used for other industrial use. It is an indispensable tool in every step of temperature measurement. Flat surface probe sensor is provided with the instrument to measure the temperature of hot, cold, flat, rotating, vibrating surfaces, powder, liquid, gas, furnaces, ovens, cold storage's etc. Instrument is handy and can be used to cross check the temperature. It can measure the temperature quickly and display 3.5 digital LCD. It is operated on 9 Volt batteries with low batt indication. It is rugged, reliable, and field proven digital surface temperature indicator.


  • Indispensable tool for quick temperature measurement
  • Standard K type thermocouple. Also accepts RTD (Pt-100) or Cr/Al probes or sensors
  • Various interchangeable probes are available to meet requirements
  • Available with standard or compensated thermocouple connector
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To measure the surface temperature of hot or cold flat/round surfaces, powder, liquid, gas, furnaces, ovens, cold storage's, etc…


  • Sensor                                 :     Thermocouple K type
  • Range                                  :     -100 oC ~ 1300o C
  • Display                                 :     3 1/2 digit, 0.5" high LCD
  • Accuracy                              :     ± 0.5% in the specified range
  • Supply                                  :     9 volts dry cell
  • Low battery indication          :     Provided
  • Dimensions                          :     145 x 30 x 80mm
  • Weight                                  :     200 gms (approx)