Special Glossmeter

Biuged Instruments also manufacture some special glossmeters which are used in other fields. All these glossmeters have the same perfect performance as our normal glossmeter. And its technical parameters are compatible to international standard such as ISO2813, ASTMD523, DIN67530 etc.

Products Glossmeter 
(for plastic, film)
(for paper making)
(for metal)
(for stone)
Glossmeter (small orifice)
Ordering information BGD 517/1 BGD 517/2 BGD 517/3 BGD 517/4 BGD 51
Apply for Ceramic,Enamel,Plastic Paper making Metal, electroplate, glass or with high gloss surface Marble、granite、terrazzo etc. Curve or small area thing
Incidence Angle 45º 75º 60º 60º 60º
ReadingRange 0~199.90 GU 0~199.90 GU 0~1999 GU 0~199 GU 0~199.90
Facula size 10×14mm ×20mm 10×20mm 25×25mm 2×2mm
Resolution 0.1 GU 0.1 GU 1 GU 1 GU 0.1 GU
Accuracy ±1.2 GU ±1.2 GU ±1.2 GU ±2 GU ±1.2 GU
Stability ±0.4 GU ±0.4 GU ±0.4GU ±1 GU ±0.4 GU