Silver Chloride Electrodes

Tinker & Rasor offers high quality standards in our other products, can be found in our newest reference electrode kit. The SC-4 silver/silver chloride reference electrode kit includes all necessary components stored in a durable case for easy transport to the job. The SC-4 comes complete for use on Land or Sea.

Tinker and Rasor includes with the SC-4, our W-7 Waterproof Adapter. This is by far the strongest waterproof adapter available in the World. With pull strength of fifty times that of the wire connected to it, The W-7 is retrievable from great depths on even the most congested platforms. The stainless steel loop at the top of the W-7 insures against "snags" on most structures. For detailed supply, please contact us.

Water Tight Storage
Off-Shore Configuration w/ 2 brass weights
Land use, w/ porous plug