Pipe Pit Gauge

Pipe Pit Gauge

Caltech Engineering Services - India offers GAL-USA Make Pipe Pit Gauge.

Pocket sized pipe pit gauges are available from Stock.

Pipe Pit Gauge is a mechanical and handy instrument for measuring pits, dents on pitted, corroded, and stored pipes for long period. Pipe Pit Gauge is very easy to operate with measuring range 0-1/2" inches.Pipe Pit Gauge need to simply place on the horizontal pipe and stylus is required to place in the pit.

  • Range 0 to ¬Ĺ" in 1/64 & .020 increments
  • Arm can be locked in place at any dimension
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Gauge fits in shirt pocket and comes with pocket protector.
  • Pipe Pit Gauge has handy formulas on front and decimal equivalents on back

We also have digital pipe pit gauge, pipe pit depth gauges for welding, corrosion, mechanical and physical tests.

Always provide part number while sending inquiry.

GAL-17 Pipe Pit Gauge