Paint Inspectors Kit

Paint Inspector Kit

The Paint Inspectors Kit is a comprehensive kit of equipment, which will cater for the day-to-day standard requirements of the Industrial Painter and Inspector.

Kit K2002 Contents

  • C2200 - Coating Thickness Meter with carrying case (Refer various options)
  • F1009 - Set of 8 Precision Measured Calibration Foils
  • Z1003 - Steel Zero Plate
  • T2002 - Infrared Digital Thermometer
  • H2005 - RH%-Dewpoint Meter
  • W2001- Wet Film Gauge (Stainless, range 25µm to 1,500µm 45 teeth)
  • R1002 - Testex Tape roll (X-Coarse)
  • R1004 - Testex Snap Gauge
  • R1003 - Burnishing tool
  • R1006 - Surface Profile Gauge
  • U1005 - Inspection Manual of Coating Defects