Overhead Stirrer

These newest stirrers are of the highest quality. The core a direct current brushless motor is explosion-proof and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional stirrers. The stirrers can operate under high load for an extended period of time without any need for maintenance.

  • International safety certification:get CE, cTUV us and FCC safety certification issued by German TÜV company
  • Whole machine is explosion-proof
  • Setting safety circuit: Automatically cut off the circuit in the event of the motor overheating and other exceptional circumstances.
  • Overload protection:Motor would automatically stop in case of continuous overload.
  • Motor protection:When motor is over load, short circuit or any special situation, the machine will alarm and shut down.
  • Anti-spill samples:PLC control system starts up smoothly, prevent samples overflow.
  • Closed case:is accordance with international popular DIN/EN60529 standard, high protection gradeIP42, can prevent liquid to splash into the machine and lead to corrosion of the circuits.
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BGD 701 BGD 702 BGD 703 BGD 704
Max. Stirring Capacity(water) 20 L 40 L
Motor Rating Input, W 60 W 120 W
Motor Rating Output, W 50 W 100 W
Speed Range, rpm 0-2,200 rpm 50-2,200 rpm 0-2,200 rpm 50-2,200 rpm
Speed Display Accuracy, rpm --- ±3 rpm --- ±3 rpm
Speed Display Resolution 1 rpm 1 rpm
Max. Torque 40 N.cm 60 N.cm
Max. Viscosity 10,000 mPa.s 50,000 mPa.s
Chuck Range Diameter 0.5-13 0.5-13
Dimension(W×H×D) 83x220x186 mm 83x220x186 mm
Weight 2.4 kg 2.4 kg 2.8 kg 2.8 kg
Packing List ①  LCD or LED digital overhead stirrer head----1 pc     
②  Flat Base ---1 pc
③  Main Pole------1 pc                                  
④  Dispersing pole with four leaf-------1 pc