Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator

Micrometer Adjustable

The blade of this applicator can be accurately adjusted by means of 2 micrometric screws, from 0 to 8 mm, in 10µm increment. Suitable for various precision tests, e.g. research tasks. 4 widths available.

  • Precision: ±2µm
  • The setting scope: 0-3500µm
  • BGD 209/1---Adjustable Applicator (Blade width----50mm)
  • BGD 209/2--- Adjustable Applicator (Blade width----100mm)
  • BGD 209/3---Adjustable Applicator (Blade width----150mm)
  • BGD 209/4--- Adjustable Applicator (Blade width----200mm)