Iwata Cup

The Iwata cup is based on the Japan method of liquid viscosity measurement. It has a tapered orifice with the internal diameter of 50mm to the external diameter 86mm. However, the procedure of usage is the same as that of the Zahn Cups.

  • Internal Vertical Height:43±0.1mm
  • Internal Orifice:Φ3.5±0.05mm
  • External Orifice:Φ6.0±0.5mm
  • Internal Diameter:50±0.05mm
  • Outer Diameter:86±0.1mm
  • Operating Temperature:10±0.1mm
  • Centistokes Range:70 to 370
  • Efflux Time(sec)±0.2s:20-105s
BGD 122 NK-2 Iwata Cup