Interfacial Tension Tester

This instrument is designed with ISO 6295, ISO 1490, ASTMD1417,EN14370 etc“Test Methods for Interfacial Tension of Petroleum Products between Oils and Water (Ring Methods)”. It is suitable to determine interfacial tension between mineral oils and water under non-equilibrium conditions (Liquid-liquidinterface). It can also be used to determine surface tension of various liquids (liquid-gas interface).


  • Combination of both test methods of platinum plate andring
  • The maximum tension of sample is self-locked in test method of platinum ring, and then the surface tension is converted by attached calculation software or automatically calculated by purchased data processing software;
  • Platinum ring size: wire radius: 0.185mm; ring radius: 9.55mm, ring circumference: 60mm;
  • Fully automatic measurement can avoid the manual operation error
  • Automatic calibration in whole range ensures accurate and reliable data and good repeatability
  • One-key minimum clearing in a flash; stable and non-drifting zero position;
  • International advanced lift platform drive technology without vibration and noise;
  • Real time measurement of liquid surface or interfacial tension can be achieved when using the platinum plate, which isvery practical for measurement of samples containing surface active agent or volatile substance varies at different time
  • Automatic measurement of surface tension of medium and high viscosity liquid samples can be achieved when using the platinum plate
  • The two test methods can measure the interfacial tension of non-mixed liquid such as oil/water interface;
  • Measurement range: 0~600mN/m
  • Sensitive:0.1mN/m
  • Accuracy:±0.2mN/m(error test on literature value of double distilled water and pure alcohol at 20℃)
  • Repeatability:±0.2mN/m(error test on literature value of double distilled water and alcohol at 20℃)
  • Ambient temperature:10~30℃ (Representative is25 ℃)
  • Display mode: Wide-viewingangle back lighting LTD
  • Rangeof temperature:0-100℃ (sample and constant temperature bath and external thermostatic bath are required)
  • Measurement time: 3-5 seconds for measurement of low concentration sample liquid
  • Container constant:min.15Ml
  • Data output:RS232C
  • Voltage:commercial power AC220V, 1A
BGD 234 Automatic Interfacial Tension Tester