Inspection Manual - Swedish Standard

Coating Inspection Mirrors

A useful handy pocket sized manual that illustrates a range of coating and surface defects likely to be encountered by the painting inspector and corrosion specialist.

There are sections on blast cleaning grades Sa1, Sa2, Sa2¬Ĺ, Sa3, pre surface conditions, surface preparation, with guidance notes on dry abrasive blast cleaning and high pressure water jetting

Coating Inspector can understand defect and easy to give advice on probable causes, prevention and repair during coating application.

With the help of colored over 180 pictorial references of coating defects onsite decisions its causes together with prevention and repair recommendations and defect analysis for future re-coating, specification review work can be done.

Also illustrates various types of marine fouling, surface preparation, and welding faults with an appendix giving details of breakdown scales with a quick reference guide to the characteristics of certain types of paint and paint compatibility.

Inspection Manuals
U1005 Fitz's Atlas Inspection Manual of coating defects
U1007 Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1, SIS 055900 Standard Booklet