Impact Tester

BGD series Impact Tester produced by our company is in accordance with the specification in National Standards determination of paint film resistance to impact and the practical requirement of mechanical construction. The operation principle of the impact tester is by means of a weight that drops down from a specified height and impacts a painted panel under panel under test to result in its rapid deformation, and the film resistance to impact is then attained from observing the film to see if it cracks or peels off.

Main Technical Parameters

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BGD 302 BGD 304 BGD 305
Heavy-Duty Impact Tester
BGD 306
ISO Impact Tester
Instrument scale length 0-50cm 0-100cm 0-100cm(40inch) 0-100cm(40inch)
Graduation 1cm 1cm 1cm 1cm
Mass of hammer 1Kg 1Kg 1000g(2 pcs)
300g(1 pc)
1000g(2 pcs)
2 lb(2 pc)
Piercer specification ф8mm ф8mm Ф 12.7mm(1/2 inch)
Ф 15.9mm(5/8 inch)
Ф 20mm
Ф 15.9mm(5/8 inch)
Notch diameter on the bolster block ф15mm ф15mm Ф 16.3mm
ф 31.75mm
Ф 27mm
ф 16.3mm(41/64inch)
Impact depth of piercer 2mm 2mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Standard GB/T 1732 GB/T 1732 ASTM D2794, ISO 6272.2 ISO 6272.1