High-Speed Dispersing Machine

High-Speed Dispersing Machine

What is dispersing in the coating field? It means that in the manufacturing process solid materials are made to be distributed evenly in the liquid; in the process of dispersion, pull of particulates are broken down. The round saw tooth-type dispersion tray influenced by the electromotor will be dispersing in the container to effect the solid and liquid dispersion, moisturization,depolymerization. Its work principle description is mainly as follows:

  • Make the serosity annular and cause powerful vortex, so the particulates of the serosity fall to the bottom vortex bottom
  • An 2.5-5mm eldge in the dispersion tray is formed a flow area in which the particulates are impacted intensely.
  • Two beam currents outside the area are formed to make the serosiy fully circulated and turned over.
  • What is below the dispersion tray is a current flow, serosity with different speed disperses mutually to effect the function of dispersion

What is below the dispersion tray is a current flow, serosity with different speed disperses mutually to effect the function of dispersion

  • With squirrel-cage motor of frequency control and use frequency converter to adjust working speed
  • Direct digits display axis revolution through display screen of frequency converter installed on the machine.
  • No carbon brush, no produce any flame when working
  • Lower noise, bigger torque and wider adjustable speed
  • Main parts are all made up of stainless steel, with perfect corrosion resistance
  • Standard confirguration:Two different size dispersing baldes, and also can select different size sand-milling blades and stainless steel double jacket container to carry out milling function.
  • Power Supply:220V 50HZ
  • 550W and 750W is bench-structure, size is 45×42×65 cm; Others are consol mode structure and size is 64×57×133 cm
Ordering Information Motor Power Speed (r/min) Lift Distance Lift System
BGD 740/1 550W 100-7,500 220 mm Spring lift by hand
BGD 740/2 750W 100-6,000 270 mm Spring lift by hand
BGD 740/3 1,100W 100-5,000 340 mm Electric
BGD 740/4 1,500W 100-5,000 340 mm Electric
BGD 740/5 2,200W 100-4,000 340 mm Electric
BGD 741/1 550W 100-7,500 300 mm Electric
BGD 741/2 750W 100-6,000 300 mm Electric
  • BGD 1410---35 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1412---60 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1414---100 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1416---150 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1451---0.5 L dispersing container
  • BGD 1453---3 L dispersing container
  • BGD 1455---10 L dispersing container
  • BGD 1411---50 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1413---80 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1415---120 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1417---200 mm dispersing blade
  • BGD 1452---1.5 L dispersing container
  • BGD 1454---5 L dispersing container
  • BGD 1452---20 L dispersing container

Note: All containers have double jacket for cooling water.