HI LO Welding Gauge

HI Lo Welding Gauge
  • Hi Lo Welding Gauge MEASURES INTERNAL ALIGNMENT of pipe after fit-up / alignment, cuts radiographic rejects.
  • Hi Lo Welding Gauge measures internal misalignment of pipe before and after tacking.
  • Hi Lo Gauge Measurements read in standard one side, and metric on the opposite side.
  • Changes from standard to metric, simply remove gauge body, turn scales over and replace body
  • Measure internal misalignment before welding
  • Measure fit-up gap of welding
  • Measure bevel on end preparation
  • Measure the crown height of welds
  • Measure fillet weld size
  • Measure scribe line, socket welds

Satisfy fit-up codes AWS, ASME, ANSI, API & MILITARY
High Quality, Durable, Accurate Welding Inspection Gauges made easy by GAL GAGE Co. USA

GAL-1 Hi Lo Gauge