Economic Glossmeters

These economic glossmeters use metal shell, separate standard board and have portable small size.It is designed to measure gloss of paint,film,ink,plastics,stone,paper,tile,enamel,etc.


  • Easy to use-only one button operation.
  • Simple to calibrate-Simple to use.
  • Saving electrical power,it only needs a battery and can works exceed sixty hours continuously(can measure ten thousand data points).
  • Special technical design about moisture protection ensures you can use it harsh environments.
  • No time to warm up and measure immediately after operated. The data is stable and no drift
  • With long lifetime light source,no replacement needed.
  • Automatic zero adjustment.
  • Measuring Range:0-160.0GU(85°);0-1,000.0GU(60°);0-2,000.0GU(20°);
  • Resolution:±0.1GU
  • Accuracy:±1.2GU
  • Stability:±0.4GU/30min
  • Power Supply:1 battery AA alkaline
  • Voltage supply :0.8V-1.5V
  • The size of facula:11×22mm
  • The size of measuring aperture:10×10mm(20°);10×20mm(60°);8×30mm(85°);
  • Work condition:Temperature:0℃-40℃; Relative humidity:<85%
  • Dimensions:
    BGD 512→114mm(L)×32mm(D)×64mm(H)
    BGD 515→142mm(L)×32mm(D)×64mm(H)
  • Weight: BGD 512→180g;BGD 515→390g;
BGD 512 Economic Glossmeter (60°)
BGD 515 Economic Tri-Glossmeter (20°/60°/85°)