Dry Film Thickness Gauge

Using magnetic induction or Eddy current, this electronic gauge offers precision thickness measurement of non magnetic coatings such as paints, zinc etc. on steel(F:ferrous probe), and insulating materials on non-ferrous substrates(FN:non-ferrous.). The gauge is available with either integral or external F, N or dual FN probes. The FN probe features automatic substrate recognition to simplify operation.

Biuged offer many different types of thickness Gauges to meet with different clients’ request under different conditions.

Specifications BGD 541/1 BGD 541/2 BGD 541/3
Operating principle Only F F&NF Only NF
Measuring range 0-1000μm/0-40mil
Resolution 0.1/1
Accuracy ±1-3% or ±2.5μm
Min.radius work piece F:Convex 1.5mm/Concave 25mm;      N: Convex 3mm/Concave 50mm
Min.measuring area 6mm
Min.sample thickness 0.3mm
Metric/imperial Convertible
Power supply 4×1.5V AA Battery
Battery indicator Low battery indicator
Operating conditions 0-40℃;10-90%RH
Dimension 160×68×32mm
Weight 250g