Double-Geo Haze Glossmeter

The BGD 519 Intelligent Double-Geo Haze Glossmeter uses both geometries together to calculate the haze on a high-gloss or highly polished surface. Haze is used to describe the situation when two high gloss surfaces have similar gloss values at 60° angel, but one of the surface has a milky/hazy appearance compared to the other.

Poor product formulation or polishing effects leading to a drop in surface quality can quickly be identified using the BGD 519.

  • Calculates haze to ASTM D 4039
  • Measures using the 60° geometry
  • Measures using the 20° geometry
  • Haze measurement Mode(for BGD 519/2)
  • Calibrate automatically.
  • Statistical analysis for 10 group data
  • USB Connection
  • Reading Range:0.0~99.9GU(20°),0.0~99.9GU(20°);
  • Data repeatability:0.2GU(0~99.9GU);0.2%(100~1999GU)
  • Data quantitative repeatability:0.5GU(0~99.9GU);0.5%(100~1999GU)
  • Windows Size:11×52mm
  • The size of measuring aperture:10×10mm(20°)10×20mm(60°)
  • Confirm Standard:ASTM D 4039;ISO 2813;ASTM D523
  • Dimensions:144mm(L)×64mm(H)×32mm(D)
BGD 519/1 Double-Geo Glossmeter
BGD 519/2 Double-Geo Haze Glossmeter