Conical Mandrel Bend Tester

BGD 566 Conical Mandrel Tester is applicable to determine extensibility of paint coatings on metal panels which are clamped in position and formed round the conical mandrel by rotating of the roller frame. The panels are examined to evaluate crack resistance and detachment from the metal substrate of coated surface which is coated with paint under standard condition. It complies with ASTM D522, ASTM D1737, BS 3900E11 and ISO 6860 Standard.

This instrument allows easy identification in a single operation the coating failure at specified diameter, over part or entire mandrel length.

  • Dimension of conical mandrel: Big end: Φ38±0.1mm;Small end: Φ3.1±0.1mm; Length: 203±0.3 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 300×120×83 mm (length by width by height)
  • Weight: 7kg
BGD 566 Conical Mandrel Tester