Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating Thickness Gauge

Caltech Engineering Services India offers EC-770 Coating Thickness Gauge. Dual technology features automatic selection of magnetic induction or eddy current measurement techniques. We are largest seller of coating thickness gauge in India. Coating Thickness Meter is highly recommended for testing powder coating thickness, anodizing aluminum thickness, paint shops, anodizing thickness tester, powder coating aluminum thickess guage, powder coating equipments, powder thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge, aluminium coating processes, and hard anodizing. Coating Thickness Meter is used by leading car manufacturers. Coating Thickness meter has PC connectivity for measuring and recording data on PC. It can give min, max, avarage and stastistical data.

Now Dual purpose Coating Thickness Meter is available in India

  • 128*128 dot matrix LCD display, standard menu operations
  • Two measure mode: single and continuous
  • Two group mode: direct (DIR) and general(GEN), readings will be lost when power off in direct mode, and not be lost in general mode. 80 readings can be stored for each group
  • Zero point calibration and multi-point calibration(up to 4 points) for each group
  • User can recall, delete specified readings, or delete group readings
  • Statistics display: mean, minimum, maximum and standard deviation
  • Three probe mode: auto, magnetic and eddy current
  • User can set high or low limit alarm for each group
  • Power off automatically
  • USB interface to data transmission
  • Low battery and error indication
Sensor probe F N
Working principle magnetic induction Eddy current principle
Measuring range 0~1250um 0~1250um
Guaranteed tolerance (of reading) (+/- 3%+1)um (+/- 3%+1.5)um
Low range Precision 0.1um 0.1um
Minimum curvature radius 1.5mm 3mm
Diameter of Minimum area 3mm 5mm
Basic critical thickness 0.5mm 0.3mm
Size(HxWxD) 110mm*53mm*24mm
Weight 92g

Two “AAA” batteries, USB cable, CD, Calibration Iron, Calibration Aluminum, Precision Standard, in a carrying case.

Coating Thickness Meter
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