Coating Thickness Gauge MG 105a

Caltech Engineering Services India offers esay Pocket type Digital Coating Thickness Gauge which measures coatings on Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials. Coating Thickness Gauges utilize non-destructive priciple with most economical choice that retains the uncompromising quality of Coating Inspection Instruments. We are largest seller of coating thickness gauge in India. The instrument Mg-105a is highly recommended for testing powder coating thickness gauge, anodizing aluminum thickness, paint shops, anodizing thickness tester, powder coating aluminum thickess guage, powder coating equipments, powder thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge, aluminium coating processes, and hard anodizing

Pocket powder coating thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge ferrous and nonferrous material is now available in low price and most economical and affordable for uses.

MG-105a may be used for measurements of the layer of lacquer, varnish, foil, plastic etc.: laid both on ferromagnetic (steel) and not ferromagnetic (aluminium) surfaces with head - GG-105a. NOW AVAILABLE IN INDIA

We have number of models as per choice of customer . For further details please contact caltech India.

  • The result is displayed in μm.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Sound confirmation of result stabilisation.
  • Automatic hold function – freezes the measured result till moment of performing next measurement.
  • Possibility of "0" point calibration on “clean” surface - without any layers on it.
  • The meter is ready to work without any preparation.
  • Waterproof housing enables work even during rain.
  • Automatic switch off function protects the batteries against discharging.
  • Battery powered.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
Coating Thickness Gauges
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