Chloride Test Kit - Surface

ChlorTest Salt Detection

Chlor-Test Testing of Surface Salt Test Made Easy.......

Caltech Engineering Services offer Chlor-Rid's CHLOR*TEST kit. Chlor-test kit is field testing for chlorides by both qualitative and quantitative methods is common and the threshold for acceptable levels is dropping, but the cumbersome methods for testing have remained the same - until now!. CHLOR*TEST™* was developed for ease of use and to prevent outside and cross contamination. Offers consistent, safe and reliable testing results for chloride contamination. Chlor*Test Chloride Ion Test for Suraface is commonly used.

  • Peel off protective backing, pinch CHLOR* SLEEVE™ and adhere sleeve to surface to be tested.
  • Massage extract against surface, then peel from surface.
  • Insert glass titration tube into sleeve. Approximately 2 minutes later, a simple color change will identify the chloride level in both parts per million and micro grams per centimeter squared. Can be used on vertical, horizontal or overhead surfaces.
  • Deionized water
  • Cotton Balls
  • Tweezers
  • Latex gloves
  • Adhesive tape
  • Measuring devices
  • Mercury
  • Reagent chemicals
  • Hypodermic needle and syringes
  • Conversion charts
  • A Calculator
  • Working containers

For use on Bridges, Aircraft, Mining facilities, Ships, Marine structures, Storage tanks, Cooling towers, Pipe lines, Power plants, Offshore rigs, Petrochemical plants, Pulp and Paper mills, Steel fabrication, Electronics

Maximize corrosion protection - Reduce premature coating failure. Test every surface before coating application.