Blotter Test Papers

Blotter Test Papers

Caltech Engineering Services introduce blotter test papers to conduct testing of compressed air as per ASTM D 4285 specifications.

The SSPC/NACE joint standards for abrasive blast cleaning invoke a requirement to verify the cleanliness of compressed air prior to abrasive blast cleaning or other operations, where contaminated compressed air can adversely impact coating performance.

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Blotter test papers are made from specially 100% cotton fiber. These papers are uniform and smooth. Blotter test papers are produced using ultrapure water. Do not contain any additives.

This package of 100 no. pre-cut 10cm x 10 cm square pieces of blotter paper is used to verify compressed air cleanliness. Simply attach a piece blotter paper to a rigid backing using tape and perform the test according to ASTM D 4285. The test should not indicate presence of water or oil in the compressed air. The blotter paper can be marked with the date and time of test and retained for documentation as necessary.