BGD 513 Basic Glossmeter uses plastic shell and one-body standard board.It can be used in many fields as below:

  • All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.
  • Decorative materials, such as marble, granite, polishing brick, ceramic tile and so on.
  • The other kinds of materials and objects, such as plastic, woodenware, paper, etc.

At the same time, it has better characters comparing with old types:

  • Small, Smart, Stable.
  • Simple to use.
  • A single battery only. AA size, Rechargeable or alkaline.
  • The knob protector for operating with ease.
  • Reading Range: 0.0~199.9GU
  • Indication Error:±1.2GU
  • Measuring Area: 20×10 mm
  • Incidence Angle:60Deg
  • Volume(L×W×H):123×38×65 mm
  • Main Weight:300g
  • Power Supply:DC:1.2~1.5;One AA-size battery
BGD 513/1 Intelligent Glossmeter (0.1 GU)
BGD 513/2 Intelligent Glossmeter (1.0 GU)