Coating Inspection Instruments | Cathodic Protection Instruments | Corrosion Testing Instruments | Welding Inspection Gauges
Coating Inspection Instruments | Cathodic Protection Instruments | Corrosion Testing Instruments | Welding Inspection Gauges
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Caltech Paint Testing Instruments, Cathodic Protection Survey Instruments, Equipments and Materials for Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Engineering Installations in India
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Weld Measuring Gauges, Welding Inspection Instruments, Weld Test Instruments, Welding Testing Equipment, Welding Inspection Gauges, Welding Gauges, Weld Inspection Gauges, India, Gurgaon
Surface Profile Gauge, Analog Surface Profile Gauge, Surface Profile, India, Caltech- Surface Profile Gauge
Bresle Test, Bresle Kit, Bresle Method, Bresle Patches Method, Bresle Test Kit, Bresle Patch, Soluble Salt, India
Chloride Test-Abrasives
Chloride Test for Water and Liquids
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Pit Gauge, Corrosion Pit Gauge,
Cross Hatch Cutter, Cross Hatch Testing, Cross-Cut Tester, Cross Hatch Tester, Crosshatch Tester, Cross Hatch Adhesion, Cross Hatch Cutter India, Cross Hatch Paint Test
Cross Hatch Cutter, Cross Cut Tester, Accessories
CSN Kit - Tests Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrate
Concrete moisture meter, building moisture meter, India
Dew Point Meter
Paint Thickness Tester, Coating Thickness Tester India, Paint Thickness Gauge
Digital Surface Profile Gauge
Dust Tape, Dust tape test kit, dust evaluation tape, Dustiness tape, dust rating assessment of surface cleanliness, Caltech, India
Hegman Gauge, Fineness of Grind Gauge, scraper blade, India
Gloss Meter, Gloss Meters, semi-gloss, semi to high gloss finish, stargloss, caltech, India
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External Spring Electrode, Rolling spring electrodes, holiday detector, Caltechindia, India, manufacturer, supplier, exporter
Internal Conductive Brush, Thin Coating Inspection, Holiday Detectors
CP Voltmeter, Digital Volmeter for cathodic protection, India, Caltech, manufacturer, supplier, exporter
Adhesion Testers
fluke 62 mini infrared thermometer, Fluke 62 Max, Fluke 62MAX +, Infrared Thermometers, IR Thermometer, Non Contact Thermometer, Laser Thermometer, India
Swedish Standard, ISO 8501-1, SIS 055900 Standard Booklet, Caltech, India
Fitz Atlas, Coating Inspection Book, Atlas of Coating Defects, India
ISO Surface Roughness Comparator, Surface Roughness Comparator, Roughness Comparators, shot and grit-blasting comparators, grit blasting comparator, shot blasting comparator, India
Magnetic Surface Thermometer
Paint Evaluation Tool
Paint Inspector Kit
Pencil Hardness Tester
Potassium Ferricynide Test, Potassium Ferricynide Test Kit, Blast Clean Test Papers, Potassium Ferricynide Test Papers
Adhesion Tester-India
Dewpoint Meter, %RH Dew Point Meter, Thermo Hygrometer, Relative humidity tester
Testex Tape / Press-O-Film, Replica Tape
Press-O-Film Gauge / Testex Tape Gauge / Testex Tape Thickness Gauge
RAL Shade Cards, RAL Color Card, RAL Shade, ral fan deck, ral k5 fan deck, ral colour card, ral colour shades, ral shades, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, India
UT Thickness Gauge-NDT Technique
Ultrasonic Thickess Gauge, D Meter, Pocket D Meter, Mumbai, India
Surface Temperature Indicator, Surface Thermometer, India
Wet Film Thickness Gauge / WFT Gauge, India
Wet Film Thickness Gauge, WFT Gauge, Wet Film Wheel, Wet Film Comb, Wet Film Gauges, India
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Pinhole Detector, Wet Sponge Tester, Pinhole Detectors, Low Voltage Holiday Detectors, Pin Hole Detector, Porosity Detectors, Paint Holiday Test, Discontinuity Tester, Wet Sponge Holiday Detector, Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector, India
Whirling Hygrometer / psychrometer
Analog Voltmeter for survey of cathodic protection
Copper/copper sulphate and silver/silver chloride half cell reference electrodes
Data Logger 4 Channel Tinker-Rasor
Current Interrupter-50 Amp
Current Interrupter by Tinker-Rasor
CPV-4 Digital CP Voltmeter
CP Voltmeter, Digital Volmeter for cathodic protection, India, Caltech, manufacturer, supplier, exporter
Soil Resistivity Meter based on two pin and Wenner four Pin Method as per ASTM G 57-78, India
Permanent Reference Electrodes, copper sulfate reference electrode, CP Permanent Reference Electrodes, Permanent burial half-cell reference electrodes, India
PRM Meter, Jeep Meter, Peak Voltage Calibrator, Pipeline Inspection, India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Noida
Holiday Detectors Tinker-Rasor APS
In Plant Thin Film Holiday Detector
Insulation Tester RF/IT, India
Indentation Resistance Tester, Indentation Test Bath, Penetration Testing of Coatings, Indentation Hardness, Indentation Depth, DIN 30 670, Penetrometer, Indentation Resistance Tester PE Coating, Indentation Testing PP Coating, Indentation Resistance, India
Low Temperature Indentation Test Bath, Indentation Test, DIN 30670, Caltech, India
Pearson Survey Instrument Tinker-Rasor
Silver Chloride Reference Cell, Ag-AgCl Reference Cell, Silver Silver Chloride Reference Cell, Sea Water Reference Electrodes, Cathodic Protection Reference Cell, India
CP Permanent Reference Cell, Underground Reference Electrode, Permanent Reference Cells, Permanent Burial Half Cell, India
Permanent burial half cell, DB-A, copper-sulfate reference electrodes
Pipe & Cable Locator, burried pipeline locator, Cathodic protection
Pipe & Cable Locator
Polarization Cell, Grounding Cell, Kirk Cell Supplier, Polarisation Cell, India
Half Cell, Reference Electrode, Half Cell Reference Electrode, Half-Cell, Cathodic Protection, Cathodic Protection Half Cell, Cu-CuSO4 Half Cells, Cu CuSO4 Reference Electrode, mcmiller reference electrode, Copper Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode, Stealth Reference Electrode, Reference Half Cell Electrode, copper sulphate half cell, copper-copper sulfate half cell, India
Portable current supply CS-10
PRM Meter, Jeep Meter, High Voltage Tester
Ag/AgCl Portable Reference Cell for Sea & Land
Thin Film Handy Holiday Detector M/1 - Tinker & Rasor
SSC High Temp Vessel
Cathodic Disbonding Tester, Cathodic Disbondment Tester, Cathodic Disbondment, cathodic disbondment test instrument, Cathodic Disbondment Resistance, Cathodic Disbondment Test Equipment, CD Tester, India
Corrosion Coupon, Rectangular Corrosion Coupons, Disc Corrosion Copouns
Four Point Bending Test, Four Point Bend, 4 point bending, 4 point bend, Corrosion test
HIC Test, Hydrogen Induced Cracking Test, Step Wise Cracking, TM0284, Hydrogen Induced Cracking HIC, Hydrogen Induced Cracking Testing, Hydrogen Induced Corrosion, Hydrogen Induced Cracking,
Salt Spray Test Apparatus, Fog Testing, Salt Spray Chamber, Salt Spray Cabinet, Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinet, India, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
SSC Testing, Proof Rings, Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking, Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking, SSCC Proof Rings, Sulphide Stress Corrosion, NACE TM0177, NACE Corrosion Test
Temp Sticks, Temperature Sticks, Welding Temperature Sticks, Temperature Indicating Crayons, Welding Temp Sticks, Welding Crayons, Temperature Indicator, Temperature Crayons India, India
Welding Inspection Mirror, Telescopic Welding Inspection Mirror, Inspection Mirror, Weld Inspection Equipment, India
Welding Inspection Torch, Telescopic Welding Inspection Torch, Maglight, Brightlight, India
Temperature Indicating Labels, Temperature Indicating Strips, Temperature Indicator Strip, heat sensitive labels, India
HI Lo Welding Gauges, GAL Gage, GAL Gauges, India
HiLo Welding Gauge, Economy Hi-Lo Weld Gauge, Weld Measuring Gauges, GAL Gage, Weld Inspection Gauges, India
Adjustable Fillet Weld Gauge, Welding Gauges, Unequal Weld Leg Lengths, GAL Gauges in India
Bridge Cam Gauge, TWI Welding Gauge, Cambridge Gauge, Universal Welding Gauge, GAL Gage, GAL Gauges, India
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Automatic Weld Size Gauge, Welding Gauges, GAL Welding Inspection Gauges in India
WTPS Undercut Gauge, GAL-7, GAL Gauges, India
Fillet Weld Gauge, Weld Gauges, GAL Welding Inspection Gauges, Weld Inspection Kit, Welding Gauges - India
Pocket Fillet Weld Gauge, Welding Test Equipment, GAL Gage, Weld Inspection Gauges, India
Special Gauges, Welding Gauges, Quality Control Weld Gages, QA-QC Inspection, Gauges, GAL Gauges, India
Taper Gauge, GAL Gauge, Welding Inspection Gages, India
Dial Pit Gauge, GAL Gage, Weld Inspection gauges, India
Mini Sub Gauge, GAL Gage, Weld Inspection Gauges, India
Mini Fillet Weld Gauge, GAL Gage, Weld Inspection Gauges, India
Welding Inspector Kit, Welders Kit, Welding Inspection Tools, Welding Instructors Kit, Welding Gauges, GAL Gauge, Welding Inspectors Tools, Weld Inspection Kit
Socket Weld Contraction Rings
GAP-A-LETS, Socket Weld, GAL Gage
GAP-A-LETS Socket Weld Contraction Rings, GAL Gage
Pipe Pit Gauge, Pocket Pipe Pit Gauge, Welding Gauges, GAL Gage, Weld Measuring Gauges, digital pipe pit gauge, pipe pit depth gauge, India
Conical Mandrel Bend Tester, Conical Mandrel Test, Conical Mandrel, Conical Mandrel Bend, India
Multi Blade Cross Hatch Cutter, Cross Hatch Cutter Kit, Cross-Cut Tester, Cross Hatch Tester, Crosshatch Tester, Cross Hatch Adhesion, Cross Hatch Cutter India, Cross Hatch Paint Adhesion Test
Took Inspection Gauge, Took paint thickness gauge, Took Gauge, India
Dust Tape Kit, Dust Tape Test Kit, Dust Evaluation Tape, Dustiness Tape, Caltech, India
Hypodermic Needle Pressure Gauge, Blast Nozzle Gauge, Needle Pressure Gauge
Pressure Blast Analyser Gauge, Blast Nozzle Gauge, Nozzle Orifice Gauge
Abrasion Tester, Rotary Abrasion Tester type Taber, Abrasion Testing Machine, Abrasion Tester Machine, Abrasion Tester Manufacturers, Abrasion Tester Suppliers, Abrasion Resistance Tester, Abrasion Resistance Test, India
Spring Loaded Roller, Spring Loaded Roller Apparatus, Dust Evalution Kit, India
Hexagonal Wet Film Comb, Hexagonal Wet Film Thickness Gauge, Hexagonal WFT Gauge, Wet Film Combs, Wet Film Gauge, India
GPS Current Interrupter EP-Tech Canada
DCVG Surveyor Holiday Detector EP-Tech
GPS Synchronized Smart Data Logger, EP-Tech Canada
GPS Pipeline Current Mapper EP-Tech Canada
Soil Test Resistance Meter EP-Tech Canada
Pipe and Cable Locator EPT-1000C EP-Tech Canada
Pearson Coating Test Holiday Detector EP-Tech Canada
High Voltage Holiday Detector EP-Tech Canada
Digital CP Multimeter, Digital Corrosion Meter
Underground Pipe Locator, Pipe and Cable Locator, Underground Pipe Locator, Underground Cable Pipe Locator, Locates Buried Pipes, Detector for Metallic Conductors, Locates Live Cables, Pipe Locator Equipment, Detect Underground Utility, Cable & Pipe Locator, Underground Plastic Pipe Locator, India
Current Interrupter, GPS Current Interrupter, Current Interrupter for Cathodic Protection, GPS Synchronized Current Interrupters, Interrupt AC or DC with a connector, Current Interrupter for Cathodic Protection, buried pipeline, cathodic protection
DCVG Survey Equipment, DCVG cathodic protection, dcvg equipment, dcvg meter
Permanent Reference Electrode, Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode, Fontana-104, Permanent Underground Reference Electrodes, Copper Sulfate Reference Cell, Copper Sulfate Reference Cell
Permanent Reference Electrode, Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode, Fontana-104, Permanent Underground Reference Electrodes, Copper Sulfate Reference Cell, Copper Sulfate Reference Cell
Solid State Polarisation Cell, Solid-State Polarization cell, Solid State Polarisation Cell, India
Cathodic Disbonding Tester, Cathodic Disbondment Tester, Cathodic Disbondment, cathodic disbondment test instrument, Cathodic Disbondment Resistance, Cathodic Disbondment Test Equipment, Cathodic Disbondment Mechanism, CD Tester, India
Ferrite Meter, Ferritscope, Ferrite Content in Austenitic and Duplex Steel, Feritscope, Ferrite Number, Ferrite Content Meter, Ferrit Scope, India
Welding Inspection Torch, Maglite Flashlight Torches, Welding Defects, Inspection Torch Light, Inspection Torch LED,
Pocket Telescopic Inspection Mirror, Telescopic Inspection Mirrors, Telescopic Mirrors with grip, India
Oval Inspection Mirror, Pocket Telescopic Inspection Mirrors, Telescopic Inspection Mirrors, Welding Insoection Mirror, India
Circular Inspection Mirror, Magnetic Pick-up Tool, Welding Inspection Mirrors, Circular Telescopic Inspection Mirror, India
Digital Pit Gauge, Pit Gauge, Pit Depth Gauge, Pit Depth Indicator, pipe pit gauge, Pit Gage, India
Gauss Meter, gaussmeter, field strength indicator, magnetic field strength indicator, magnetometer, rb annis gaussmeter, India
Holiday Detector, HD-830, Holiday Detectors, Holiday Tester, Porosity Tester, Spark Tester, Caltech, India


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