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We Welcome you to Caltech Engineering Services.                         We represents reputed companies namely Tinker & Rasor, Paint Test Equipment, Defelsko, Chlor-Rid, Elmetron and Fontana Instruments with international quality, durable and economical products.
Caltech Engineering Services- Mumbai India based company provides complete solutions of instruments, equipments and materials with wide range of products for Coating Inspection Instruments,  Cathodic Protection Materials & Equipments, NACE Corrosion Testing Instruments, Welding Inspection Gauges. Special supplies like Pipeline & Cable Locators, Corrosion Coupons, Pipeline Survey Instruments, Soil Resistivity Meters, NDT testing, Corrosion preventive equipment / Corrosion testing. In addition to domestic supplies in India, our range of products are also exported to worldwide users by Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Refinery, Offshore, Onshore, Marine, Welding, Engineering, Fertilizers, Automobile, Telecommunication, Metallurgical, Corrosion laboratories, Aviation and other segments of industries.
Our wide range of products include Coating Thickness Gauges, Holiday Detectors, Pinhole Detectors, Jeep Meter, Surface Profile Gauges, Wet Film Thickness Gages, NDT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Pit Gauge, Chloride Test Kit, Bresle Test Kit, Inspection manuals for coating defects, Swedish Standards, RAL Shed Cards, Cross Hatch Cutters, Infrared Thermometers, RH/ Dew Point Meter, ISO Surface Comparators, Hydraulic Adhesion Testers, Testex Tapes, DFT Meters, Paint Inspectors Kit, Pipeline CP Data Logger, Current Interrupters, Insulation Tester, Pearson Survey Equipments, Portable Current Supply, Portable and Permanent Reference Electrode / Half Cells, Polarization Cell, Polarisation Coupons, Cathodic Disbonding Tester, Bridge-Cam-Gauge, Fillet Weld Gage, and many more quality, durable & economical imported products from reputed manufacturer like Tinker & Rasor- USA, Chlor-Rid-USA, Paint Test Equipments-UK, Testex-USA , GAL Gage-USA, and Elmetron-Poland. Caltech Engineering Services aimed for protection of environment by using latest engineering technology in India.
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