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Wet Film Thickness Gauge

A range of precision gauges is used to measure wet film thickness of painted surfaces. Wet film thickness gauges are used for the quality control of wet film paint thickness measurements. WFT gauges are supplied in micron / Thou Mill scales or dual micron and Thou/ Mill scales. Wet film thickness gauges are also called as wet film comb. Wet film thickness gauges are available in different shapes (Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal).

These wft gauges assist painting contractors, paint manufcaturing companies, and users to comply with the requirement of exact coating thickness over painted surface. Wet film thickness gauge control the coating process in wet coat of paint / primer. Excess / under coating is not permitted in view of drawbacks like cracking, excess coating thickness. Wet film thickness gauge can pre-determine coating thickness while it is wet condition. This being a destructive test, many users test wft gauge on the sample of rectangular panel, measure wet film thickness and control process parameters. Punched aluminum wet film thickness gauges or plastic WFT gauges are not preferred due to bending properties and low accuracy of the gauge, however they are economical and handy .

Caltech Engineering Services manufactures stainless steel gauges are made from quality steel with specially engraved surface markings have a wide measurement range with high-resolution with measurement, catering for virtually all of the standard wet film thickness measurement requirements.

Caltechindia also supply disposable plastic WFT gauges for minimum use, simply place the wft gauge in the wet paint and note the wet paint thickness, Allow paint to dry and retain for future ISO record or customer requirements.

 Stainless Steel Wet Film Thickness Gauges
 Part No.  Range of Gage
 CES G1  25µm to 600µm 24 teeth
 CES G2  1000µm to 2200µm 24 teeth
 CES G3  50 µm to 1200 µm 24 teeth
 CES G4  50µm to 5000µm 45 teeth
 Tricomb Disposable Wet Film Thickness Gauge
 W2005  Range 50µm to 900µm 18 teeth

Always specify stainless steel or disposable and gauge number requirements in your order.
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