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Testex Tape | Press-O-Film

Caltech Engineering Services India provides testex tape. Testex Tape is popularly called as Press-O-Film. Testex Tape press-o-film provides surface profile of a basted cleaned surface. Press O Film Replia Tape can produce virtually exact replicas of the blasted surface profile, which can be measured, using a snap gauge or testex profile gauge. Testex tape offers a simple and very accurate method of measuring blasted profiles of blasted surface. We are textex tape distributors in India.

Testex Tape's Press O Film consists of layer of crushable plastic microfoam coated onto a polyster film of highly uniform thickness. Supplied with burnishing tool and testex tape instructions. Low cost way for surface replication and measurement to measure profile

Surface profile gauge or testex tape press-o-film can test surface roughness. Most commonly used testex tape / press o films are popular as it can give permanent record of the surfaces as a proof of testing done on prepared surface.

Place the Testex Tape (Press-O-Film) firmly on the blasted surface, apply moderate pressure with the burnishing tool, the replica has now been taken and can be measured using the snap gauge. Testing & Inspection can be done in three easy steps.

How to use textex tape press o film detailed procedure is furnished with testex kit or tape.

Testex Tape is supplied in a roll containing 50 tests and is available in four different grades to cater for different applications. The snap gauge is supplied in a carrying case with a burnishing tool.

Paint applicators, inspectors and researchers for its simple operations and results prefers to use testex tapes (Press-O-Film)

Testex Tape (Press-o-film) complies with ASTM, NACE and SSPC methods measurement.

ASTM- Reproducibility is given in ASTM Standard D4417 for both “X-coarse” and “coarse” grade replica tape.

NACE- Standard RP0287 addresses the issue of accuracy of measurement, test results.

SSPC- The Society for Protective Coatings, recommends a minimum of three measurements of profile per 100 square feet (10 square meters).

ISO- International Organization for Standards- Draft Standard ISO8503-5 describes preparation of steel substrates before application of paint and related products.

Testex tape kit comprises two rolls press-o-film (X Coarse grade of tape supplied as standard, specify different grade if required), snap gauge and burnishing tool. Caltech India can also provide digial snap gauge.

 Testex Tape Grade

 R1001  Coarse Minus Range: 12 ~ 25 µm
R1002 Coarse (Range: 20 ~ 64 µm
 R1003 X Coarse Range: 38 ~ 115 µm)
 R1004   X Coarse Plus Range: 116 ~ 127 µm)


 R1004  Testex Snap Gauge (1/2 µm resolution)
 R2001  Testex Tape Kit
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