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Temperature Indicating Sticks

Temperature Indicating Sticks

A simple, easy, cost effective temperature indicating sticks.  Temperature indicating sticks are ball pen type, easy to fit in shirt pocket, environment friendly temp stick are used in production shops for quick quality control within accurate to +/- 1% of the rated temperature. Temp sticks – Temperature indicating crayon sticks or temperature sticks are available from 500 C to 12000 C with broad range with choice of selections.  

Temp sticks or temperature sticks replaces electronic instruments and avoids errors of measurements. Certified temperature indicating sticks do not require any calibrations.


Temperature indicating sticks are highly popular for quality control checks during welding preheating, welding assemblies, bearing housing, automobile, motor engine temperature. On a typical engine, the marked Tempstick of low temperature should not melt. If it does, the engine is running too hot. 

Just mark temperature stick on the surface need to test. Quickly melted marking and liquid smear indicate results. Irreversible Color-Changing temperature crayon test also indicate test whether performed by operator in the next stages. 

Temperature indicating sticks are free from lead, sulfur, mercury, cadmium, poly-brominated biphenyls (PBB) or polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDE), hexavalent chromium (European RoHS banned substances).

  • Fahrenheit/Celsius selectable
  • Economical, versatile and Eco Friendly
  • Fast, reliable, and accurate measurements
  • Compact and strong grip to avoid spillage
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Ideal for use in homes, fabrications, welding, production shops
  • Lot number traceable
  • High measurement range
  • Meets European RoHS specification
  • Certification available on request
Temperature sticks has numerous applications for temperature sticks. The following industries normally use temperature-indicating crayons / sticks / chalks. Temperature Indicating sticks are commonly used by welding industries (during pre-welding and post weld heat treatment) , steel fabrications, Interpass temperature measurement, Annealing, Foundries, oil refineries, surface preheat during heat treatment, coating inspection of surface, glass industries, Iron and steel making industries, rail wheel factories, electronic industries, heat treatment industries, plastic manufacturing industries, rubber industries, automobile sectors
For best results hold at a 45° angle
When temperature indicating sticks is applied to pre-heated surfaces, should a color change take place, within 1-2 seconds, then the temperature is within +/- 5°C, of it's rating. An instantaneous change indicates the temperature is higher than it's rating, and should a color change take place after 2 seconds then the temperature is below it's rating.
Full Range of Temperature Indicating Crayons Available
Conversion to O F = (OC * 1.8) + 32
Customized temperature indicating crayons also available.
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