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SSC Temperature Pressure Vessels

SSC Cracking / HIC / 4-point bend and other corrosion test equipments as per NACE / ASTM and other International Standards


Caltech Engineering Services is pleased to introduce latest designed, user friendly, economical High Temperature Pressure Vessels combines with SSC proof rings manufactured to test and accurately determine the sulfide stress cracking susceptibility of metals in H2S service.

SSC Proof Ring is provided with ready conversion chart that can accurately determine specimen load. It also provides sustained specimen load under a stress state of uniaxial tension. SSC Proof Rings are supplied with dial Indicator providing a check for deflection.

SSC Proof Rings are fabricated from precision-machined steel and suitable to test full size specimens of 0.252’ (6.40mm) (7/16" - 20 thread). Tensile load on the SSC Proof Ring can be achieved quickly and easily adjusted using a workshop wrench on the tension-adjusting screw and lock nut. A thrust bearing distributes the load and prevents seizure. SSC Proof Rings are provided with quick changeover accessories to effectively meet your needs. Samples are stressed in a single operation quickly. Seals connected to sample ensure leak proof; avoid galvanic corrosion with test vessel.
Test Vessel
Standard test vessel is replaced with high temperature pressure vessels made from Hastelloy C-276 alloy to withstand varieties of critical corrosion testing. Testing can be performed upto 25 Kg/Cm2 pressure and temperature upto 190 deg. cent. Specially made seals are provided to prevent any leakages from test vessel. Individual test vessels are tested with hydro test and air before dispatch.
Automatic Temperature Control Panel

Complete high temperature pressure vessel is fixed with automatic temperature control panel. Sealed electrical resistance band heater controls the temperature of testing solutions.

Single Channel Gas Control Unit allows technician to select gas of H2S or N2 gas, regulate flow of gas using   valves, and measure pressure of high temperature pressure vessel. Gas Control unit has pressure gauge which   measures upto 42 Kg/cm2

Technical Assistance  
Our Technician and experts can provide technical assistance at the request of customers.
Technical Assistance  
Our Technician and experts can provide technical assistance at the request of customers.
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