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Prosonic Ultrasonic Steel Thickness Gauge

Prosonic Ultrasonic thickness gauge is designed for engineers who have a requirement for measuring steel thickness as a means of monitoring corrosion or erosion rates.

Prosonic is environmentally protected to IP65 and is therefore suitable for use in the most adverse weather / site conditions.

Thickness measurements with the instrument are extremely simple, the only control being an ON switch.

Just place the probe on a suitably prepared surface using a fluid couplant and the thickness of the test-piece is presented on a four digit LCD.

Instrument is pre-calibrated for steel but it can be used on a wide range of materials by applying a conversion factor to the display dreading. Conversion factors for common engineering materials are listed on the back of the instrument.

A 6mm steel test piece is mounted on the fascia panel of the instrument to enable the user to check that the Prosonic is functioning correctly and also to calibrate the instrument.

Ultrasonic Thickness gauge is powered by two AA size batteries, which will give continuous operation for 70 hours. In practice this means that under normal conditions, many weeks of operation will be achieved before battery replacement is necessary. A ‘battery low’ indicator warns the user when approximately 10 hours of useable battery life remains.

The instrument automatically switches itself off after one minute of inactivity.

Part Number
U2000 - Prosonic Ultrasonic Steel Thickness Meter
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