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Pipe and Cable Locator EP-Tech Canada

Models:    EPT-1000
Sophisticated Electronic Receiver is equipped with a search coil and able detect coated pipeline signal for a great long distance by using null method theory. Transmitter conductively connected to the pipe by a remote ground and equipped with Interruption mode to eliminate noise and stray currents. The Transmitter has different output levels to match the impedance to all soil conditions.
  • Crystal Controlled Oscillator
  • Equipped with Analog Meter and Audio Alarm
  • 32 Watt Dual transmitter frequency 745 HZ and 4Hz
  • Automatic Excellent Sensitivity
  • Ability to measure depth of pipelines approximately
  • Simple and highly accurate
  • Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • Stabilized and filtered
  • Low consumption rate
  • Temperature Frequency Stabilized
  • For further details, please contact
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