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Paint Evaluation Tool

A precision instrument which will give an exact measurement of the paint thickness on virtually all substrates Examples coating on Concrete, Plastic and wood etc and individual coats of different color can be measured in multiple coated application Also can be used in difficult to access locations on curves and small objects.

Three cutters incorporated catering for paint thickness from 2μm to 2000μm.

Angel 45Deg C measures 20μm to 2000μm coating thickness with resolution of 20μm per graticule division

Angel 26.6deg C measures 10 μm to 1000μm coating thickness with resolution of 10μm per graticule division

Angel 5.7 measures 2μm to 200μm coating thickness with resolution of 2μm per graticule division

Easy to use, simply draw the cutting edge of the selected cutter across the coating ensuring the cutter penetrates through to the substrate using the Graticule Microscope with Illuminated light Guide supplied, examine one side of the wedge cut to measure the exact coating thickness.

The Paint Evaluation Tool conforms with BS, ISO, DIN, ASTM and SSPC methods of measurement.

Supplied complete in Carrying Case with Graticule Microscope and Illuminated Light Guide

Paint Evaluation Tool (PET)
D1001 Range from 2μm to 2000μm
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