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Indentation Test (Ambient to Low Temperature)

Indentation Test Bath- Low Temp
Caltech Engineering Services offers low temperature indentation bath, which is highly useful for testing of coating material at above ambient temperature upto -5 deg Cent. Uniform temperature is maintains in the bath, measured by electronic display on the control panel. Timer can be set to the required time to continuously run the test.
Testing can be carried out for single or multiple samples upto 6 nos. Instrument is manufactured to meet the requirement of DIN 30670 standard of coating inspection.
 Technical Specifications:
Construction Stainless Steel
External Body Mild Steel Powder Coated
Size of Bath 285 x 165 x 530mm
Control Panel Automatic Control Panel
Compressor ¼ HP
Controller: Electronic PID controlled
Temperature: Ambient to –5 deg cent
Sensor: PT-100
Timer: Digital timer 0-999.9 Hrs
Std Weights: 2 Kg Stainless Steel
Indenter: 0.250 Kg Suitable for above bath
Dial Gauge: 0 to 5mm lc 0.010mm (06 Nos.)
Magnetic Stand: To feet dial gauges with extra length (06 Nos)
Stirrer: Motorized lab stirrer for water
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